Chris MacPherson – CoFounder - Chris has 25 years’ experience in finance, banking and entrepreneurial enterprises in the North American markets. He has extensive experience in the capital markets and is co-founder of Mojo Games. Chris has been responsible for finance and marketing activities, funding and acquisition opportunities as well as assisting in strategic and tactical matters. He has sat on a number of boards, including BC Hydro and Westech.

Genya Kaplun – CoFounder - Genya boasts over 20 years of experience in IT industry. He spent last 10 as an IT manager, responsible for design, scale-up and operations of IT infrastructure at CBI Consultants. Genya has deep understanding of the current state of the industry as well as technology. He has been providing professional consulting services in the area of secure communications, points of sale security and penetration preparedness for the past 10 years.

Ava Bolhari – CTO -Ava has spent the past 13 years working with Big Data in banking, financial and medical research industries. She has extensive experience in all aspects of Data warehouse design and architecture, Data Modeling, BI and analytics, Data Integration and Data visualization. In a Senior Data Engineer capacity, Ava has been responsible for conceptual design and architecture of the data infrastructure for a large number of successful projects both in the banking and the biomedical research fields. Additionally, Ava has extensive development experience with proficiency in .Net framework.


Dr. Anjum Siddiqui – PHD Economics - Dr. Siddiqui is a senior economist and scholar with diverse expertise in monetary economics, macroeconomics, finance, and international business. He is an internationally recognized scholar in policy oriented macroeconomic research which has been published in reputable journals and recognized by peers. Dr. Siddiqui has senior leadership and management experience in the banking sector. As the Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Economist and Head of Strategic Planning at National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), he was the Lead Economist representing NBP in the $300 million “Banking Sector Reform Project” for Pakistan, financed by the World Bank

Rob Harris (CBP) - Certified Bitcoin Professional – Rob has 25 years combined experience in Sales & Marketing, financial services, event promotions and consults for multiple blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. He has founded multiple start-ups and served in consultancy and advisory roles for many companies including Chairman of the Board for a US Public Company. Rob has been passionately involved in the cryptocurrency space since 2014. Rob is a Certified Bitcoin professional accredited by “Crypto Currency Certification Consortium (C4)”.